Frequently Asked Questions


Who is invited to attend monthly Association meetings?

Anyone who has interest in the Association and its goals is welcome to attend our monthly meetings. We hope you will find a place to teach or be taught, to comfort or be comforted, or just come and enjoy the presence of others who know exactly how you feel. We hope you will find it refreshing.


How can I become a member?

To join our site please click here to fill out the membership form.


Who can become a member of the EPW?

Membership is for women in a committed relationship to an EPS member — active, retired or who have reached the “end of watch.”


Why is Association membership just for women?

The Association is just for women because women and men have different needs, different emotions and different ways of dealing with things. This Association was started by a woman to address the needs of women that are in relationships with EPS members. If at any time there is a man that would like to partner with us to build an Association to support the men that are in relationships with EPS members we will be more than willing to help and partner with them.