About the Organization

The EPW is about ALL of us – every member and her loved ones.

  • We are committed to the success and prosperity of the EPW in their roles as “hidden” partners.
  • We will speak honestly and use good business ethics.
  • We are compassionate, strong, courageous, and resourceful.
  • We will share what we have in talents, time, and experience to bring about the goals of the Association.
  • We know conscious cooperation produces results.
  • We will not intentionally bring dishonor or negative attention to either our husbands or the Service.
  • What’s talked about in the Association, stays in the Association.



History of the Association

The Edmonton Police Wives Association began in the spring of 2011 and was brought to life by Sheryl. Sheryl saw the need for police wives to connect and support each other throughout the everyday issues. She had a vision to bring significant others together in an effort to build strong relationships and successful families through experience, friendship and training.

Sheryl laid the foundation for this important group over four years and we would like to thank her for her passion and dedication. In March 2015 she stepped down from her role and passed the torch onto Tammie. Tammie embarked on the new journey with a very strong passion for the group and is always eager to take on any new challenge to strengthen it. Tammie has since formed a team with Carole. Together these two with a team of amazing women are essential to making the EPW a success. They all bring great experience and strong values in many areas and hope to make the EPW a continued success.

Recently, the EPW has experienced significant growth and now has a membership of over 300 significant others.

The Service offers support if our significant other become ill or pass away however there is another need for support of the everyday issues. We are trying to get as many women together as are interested in an effort to build strong relationships and successful families through experience, friendship and training. We believe if we have friends who understood the fears and frustrations we experience that we can be ourselves and truly be encouraged by one another.

Our Goal is Providing Support through…


The friendships we make within this group are invaluable. It’s important to connect those who understand the daily life as a police member’s significant other.


We have many resources available to us and we work closely with both the EPA and EPS. You will have many opportunities to receive education and training to strengthen and enhance your relationship as well as grow as an individual.


We are significant of all ages and all stages with varying degrees of life experience. There’s plenty of opportunity to give and take.

The Edmonton Police Wives Association (EPW) is for women married to or a significant other of an EPS member — active, retired or who have reached the “end of watch.”

As women that are part of a police relationship we experience emotions that other women don’t; we have fears that other women don’t; we deal with shift changes and periods of single parenting and lonely holidays. Our significant others are often stressed and go through many changes stemming from their careers. It’s been said that women in relationships with police members are the hidden partners and, whether we realize it or not in the beginning, those are big shoes to fill.

Our significant others and their on-duty partners receive high quality training five days a week for six months. We fill our partner positions with little or no training and, often, very little support.

The EPW launched in May 2011 and was formed to offer educational seminars, workshops and various activities to empower us as hidden partners. Within is a large group of caring women who know the difficulties of growing happy families and successful relationships in spite of the added pressures of being in a relationship with a police member. You may have heard the quote, “There’s no substitute for experience.” Let’s share our experience and encourage each other in our hidden partner roles. Let’s have some fun as well and make new lasting friendships.

The EPW is a private organization with the right to set its own membership and leadership standards.


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